• Zack Sylvan

    Zack Sylvan

    social media @askRegions. jersey-bred. runner. explorer. needs 3 things: tent, mountains, camera

  • David Ricke

    David Ricke

    design recruiter @Atlassian, traveler, foodie, wine and vodka enthusiast, thaiaholic, bookworm, dog lover, beach bum at heart

  • Sherry Nouraini

    Sherry Nouraini

    Founder/President @CaptiveTouch and Open Social Media Initiative, Social Media Marketing Instructor at UCSD Extension, Biology Instructor at SD City College

  • Ben Malbon

    Ben Malbon

    Marketing Director, Google | ♥ Internet

  • Lee McKnight Jr.

    Lee McKnight Jr.

    VP Sales @RSWUS ♦ ad agency new business/lead gen ♦ guitarist/singer ♦ vinyl lover ♦ tequila enjoyer ♦ supernatural horror reader.

  • Grant Hunter

    Grant Hunter

    iris Regional Creative Director, APAC. White Matter connects the Grey Matter. Co-Author of Newsjacking the @UrgentGenius of real-time advertising

  • susan borst

    susan borst

    Director,Industry Initiatives w/ IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) for Social Media,B2B & Games Committees. 1/2 Icelandic,but love Swedish Fish.Big Edu fan.

  • Lanhauha Hauhalan

    Lanhauha Hauhalan

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